Inspired Entrepreneurs

With Rodan + Fields thousands we are priviledged to work with of marvelous team of people from coast to coast. We have different backgrounds and experiences, but we all share a desire for economic and time freedom, and we each have a story of WHY that inpires us to persue this once-in-a-lifetime chance to build this fabulous company with the Doctors.

Romi Neustadt, Elite Leader & Multiple Six Figure Earner
A former lawyer and award-winning PR consultant. When it became clear that the only way to dramatically increase my income was to open a PR agency and hire more bodies to do the work, I feared that I would lose the ability to mold my schedule around my kids. And then I was introduced to Rodan + Fields through a PR client of mine on the other side of the country. I was the first to bring the company to Montana, and after three months of working with the doctors, I shut down my 12-year PR career, because it was too much fun, and I could already tell, too lucrative. In my sixth month, I brought in my first five-figure check. In my seventh month I earned a bigger check than I made working full-time as a VP of an International PR agency in New York City. Now, after just 11 months, I’ve grown an organization of more than 1200 people in 41 states. After 1 year, I became a multiple six-figure earner! The money is fantastic and it will only get better, but the best part is that I get to help hundreds and soon thousands of people start their own economic recovery.

Nicole Cormany, Elite Level 5 Leader
Nicole was the Director of Business Development for a film production company, and loved the creative, fulfilling work. Yet when an accountant embezzled $50,000, Nicole’s commission checks were nine months late, and she found herself spending time away from her children, basically working for free.Just when Nicole decided “enough was enough,” I introduced her to Rodan + Fields. She had never been interested in direct sales before and always politely declined any invitation. But Nicole knew this was different. In just four months, she reached the top of the pay plan. In her first year, Nicole earned more than $10,000 in bonuses, a trip to Sonoma and San Francisco and created a full-time income working 20 or fewer hours a week. She has 1,000 people around the country contributing to her income. And while the money is “amazing,” Nicole says, “the best part of this business is coaching others to have very successful businesses of their own and watching their dreams come true!”

Bridget Cavanaugh, Level 5 Leader
Bridget is a marketing veteran who has worked with Fortune 500s and start-ups around the country. After selling her ad agency last year, it seemed logical to go to work for someone else, and the stock options and financial security had appeal. But just two weeks into her new J-O-B, I told her about Rodan + Fields.Having spent her career branding other companies, she knew that the chance to build with the Doctors was the “knock” of a lifetime.  A few hours later, she was her own CEO again, and within a few months she was earning more than half what she did as a director of marketing. After just a year, Bridget brings in a full-time income that’s growing every month. By far the most rewarding move of her professional career, Bridget says, “Rodan + Fields allows me, for the first time, to share a career with my husband and work together toward our common goals — to have control of our financial future and our time. We’re changing our own lives and the lives of others in profound and deeply meaningful ways.”
Cindi Rogers, Level 5 Leader
Cindi is a CPA who has had her own lucrative tax and accounting practice for 22 years. Success came at great cost, however. “My son used to think tax time was a season of the year when he didn’t see his Mom.” In an attempt to have more time with her family, she went to work as the CFO of a top real estate advisory services firm. Well, we all know what happened to the real estate industry in the last couple of years.Then her sister-in-law talked to her about Rodan + Fields. Admittedly, Cindi says her first reaction was, “Network Marketing? No, thank you. But after I used a sample and the billion-dollar brand, ground floor got into my CPA brain, I realized I was being offered a once-in-a-lifetime business proposition.” In just six months, Cindi reached the top of the pay plan, built an organization of more than 200 people and has earned over $8,000 in bonuses. “The best part for me is not only do I see the numbers in my future, but I get to be home with my children more. And my son no longer thinks there’s a season of the year where he doesn’t get to see his Mom!”
Amy Byrd, Level 5 Leader
Amy is a former top pharmaceutical sales rep who adopted two children from China, and then left the industry to stay home with her kids for three years. When her husband’s construction/land development business took a hit with the recession, it was clear that Amy needed to help keep the family afloat. But she wanted a creative option that would allow her to continue to mold her schedule around her kids, while also providing the potential to make a full-time pharmaceutical paycheck in part-time hours.Rodan + Fields fit her requirements. After just 10 months, Amy has grown an organization of more than 400 people in 11 states and covers her family’s large monthly bills including their mortgage and car payment. She’s amazed that she’s earned larger bonuses than some of those she received in pharma sales. “The best part is,” Amy says, “I’m creating my own economic recovery and helping others do the same.”

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