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Allure Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Loves AMP MD System

Rodan + Fields introduced the ANTI-AGE AMP MD system in Fall 2010. It is a favorite of top beauty editors, including Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells of Allure Magazine.

This is an example of the the advanced products created by our dermatological dream team. The AMP MD roller is a non-abrasive instrument with embedded surgical-grade, acupuncture-type, stainless steel micro needles which painlessly creates precise micro-channels in the uppermost skin layers. This will give u a deeper, more uniform and effective delivery of ingredients in the Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Regimen.


The Flip Flop CEO

Author Melissa Linden shares the vision behind her book, The Flip Flop CEO.

“We wrote The Flip-Flop CEO book because, while the divide in our perspectives of this industry is now bridged, it still exists in other families, friendships and society at large. On one side are the insiders –people who believe in the business model, hopeful of the possibilities it presents, frustrated that others don’t see it. On the other are the outsiders, skeptical of all the promises, annoyed and offended that it keeps showing up. In the middle are the people who have no idea what it is.”